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SDZ Auto Engine Parts Suppliers Providing You with Best Engine Parts.
We are deeply engaged in the design and development of auto engine components for fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and EV vehicles.
The important job of cooling system is to keep the engine running at its most efficient operating temperature. SDZ auto engine parts manufactures important components of cooling system, water pump, thermostat, oil cooler and engine hose. We are professional serving in cooling system parts.
There are a wide variety of sensors, and we specialize in temperature sensor and position sensor.
We have extensive large injection-molded products, like valve cover and intake manifold.
As one of the professional car engine parts suppliers, We are using knowledge and experience over many years across the automotive industry to advance this target in the future that will see in thermal management solutions.
Systematic Approach to Auto Parts Manufacturing
We Pursue Efficiency And Agility And Ongoing Improvement. SDZ auto engine parts factory Can Meet All Your Needs
Engineering Project Management
Planning, 2D, 3D data
Tool Design&Development
Process Design&Development
Production Validation
SDZ Makes Your Business Move
We automotive engine parts suppliers create thermostat that can be used in two industries.
Our wide product lines in auto engine parts factory, like thermostat, coolant flange, oil cooler, water pump, engine tubes valve cover and intake manifold mainly serves the automotive industry. We also mainly supply thermostat for marine industry.
Based on the experience of techniques and marketing accumulated in the past over 15 years, SDZ has become China's first-class auto engine parts supplier. We are professional in cooling system parts.
Marine thermostat is an indispensable part of Marine engine, which should not be neglected during routine maintenance.
As one of the high-tech industrial chain enterprises, in the future, SDZ will continue to meet the challenges of industry 4.0 era, and use digital technology to continuously improve sustainability, productivity and agility to explore new energy, electronics, household appliances and other fields.
About SDZ
We are active in the auto industry automotive engine parts suppliers

SDZ engine parts factory  is committed to developing and manufacturing superior-quality, innovative engine parts since its foundation in China in 2004. Refine efforts to cooling system products are always rooted in the DNA of SDZ engine parts factory. We are specialized in producing the Thermostat, Coolant Housing, Oil Cooler, Valve Cover, Intake Manifold and Engine Hose.

Moreover, SDZ is environmentally aware. Electric vehicle initiative and automobile lightweight are key visions for us. SDZ engine parts factory is dedicated to investing in advanced thermal management technologies and offering solutions in die casting parts.  

All activities carried out are strictly by the IATF16949 quality standard. We forever receive "the good faith, remarkable, and reciprocal benefit" management idea. Everything we do is not just for the automotive industry but also builds strength in efficiency and sustainability for the future.

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