About SDZ Engine Parts

About SDZ

SDZ manufacturing and automotive products solutions mainly concentrate on high-pressure die-castings, CNC lathe processing, car AC hose pipe and auto coolant hoses and injection moulding parts. We are pioneering and innovative. As a company certified by IATF16949, all activities are carried out strictly by this quality system. Our mission is advancing product portfolio and speeding up the development of sustainable mobility.

SDZ Development History

SDZ Development History

2004 Foundation

At the beginning of 2003, based on rich knowledge in domestic and overseas marketing of automotive industry, our founder, Henry worked with some toolmakers created SDZ in Shanghai, China.

We started to designed and manufactured plastic injection and aluminum die casting mould. To realize rapid mass production in the future, we bought injection molding machines, CNC and built our production lines.

2006 Engine Cooling System Parts

We are eyeing the development and manufacturing of parts of engine cooling system. To connect with our production lines closely and constantly, more talents were recruited, quality, R&D, sales, purchasing teams is growing. We set up a laboratory of our own. We succeeded in promoting automotive electric thermostat and thermostat housing. Later on, we continued to producing coolant tube and car engine oil cooler.

2009 Manifold for Well-known Chinese Car Manufacturer

As we achieved refinement and maturity of injection process, we became the qualified supplier of one of Tire 1 Chinese car manufacturers,producing manifold for them.

2015 Engine Map-Controlled Thermostat

Electrification technology of engines is accelerating with rapid upgrading of electric-car industry. The efficiency of engine cooling system is critical. SDZ broadened the type of thermostat and made breakthrough in map controlled engine cooling thermostat. Our achievements in GM and VW thermostat application was recognized by USA and European aftermarket customers.

2017 Distributed Worldwide

Widely known about aftermarket of global markets to advance more than 100 engine cooling system products, with OEM standards, all over the world. Our highly efficient service sales service and complete product management teams invent unlimited potential for growth in the future.

2019 Engine Thermal Management

We are much concerned about future-oriented environment friendly initiative. We focused on integration and innovation in engine thermal management.

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