Map-Controlled Thermostat

Map-Controlled Thermostat

Our electrically map-controlled thermostat enables additional regulation of operating temperature via maps stored in the ECU. The electronic control unit constantly compares the temperature stored on the map to the actual temperature of the engine. Map-controlled engine cooling thermostat made by our engine parts factory is specifically designed to achieve maximum efficiency.

How map controlled thermostat works?

Electronic automotive thermostat is on the basis of mechanical thermostat development and change in the case of no electricity, by the coolant temperature to open, equivalent to mechanical thermostat, working medium for paraffin.Inside the electronic thermostat, there is a thermostat heater. Before the water temperature reaches the temperature of the traditional mechanical thermostat, the heating resistance is controlled by ECM to adjust the thermostat in advance.

Structure Of Map-Controlled Thermostat

  • Electrical pin

  • Wax element

  • Heating element

Structure Of Map-Controlled Thermostat

Map-Controlled Thermostat Features

Two operating temperature range

The automotive electronic thermostat works in the same way as the traditional thermostat under low or moderate engine load.

When the engine load is increased, energy is applied to the heating element which contacts the wax element, causing the map controlled engine cooling thermostat to open earlier to maintain the lower temperature in the coolant loop of engine cooling system parts.

Map controlled thermostat advantages

Map-controlled thermostats offer several advantages that enhance both comfort and energy efficiency in homes and buildings. One of the primary benefits is their ability to provide targeted temperature regulation for different zones within the living space. By dividing the area into zones and installing individual thermostats for each, users can customize heating and cooling settings based on specific needs. This feature ensures that occupied rooms receive adequate comfort while unoccupied areas can be set to conserve energy, optimizing overall heating and cooling costs.

Moreover, map-controlled thermostats integrate advanced technology to adapt to users' lifestyles. By learning occupants' preferences and daily routines, these smart devices can automatically adjust temperature settings accordingly, providing a seamless and convenient experience. This not only maximizes comfort but also reduces energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling.

Furthermore, these thermostats often come equipped with smartphone applications or web interfaces, enabling remote control and monitoring. This accessibility empowers users to manage their HVAC systems from anywhere, ensuring a comfortable environment upon their return home or conserving energy when they are away.

In addition to individual benefits, map-controlled thermostats contribute to broader environmental advantages. Their energy-efficient operation leads to reduced carbon emissions, making them a valuable tool in the fight against climate change. By promoting responsible energy usage, map-controlled thermostats play a pivotal role in creating sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces for the future.

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