Electronic Vehicle Control Unit

Electronic control unit (ECU) is a small device that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine. It collects data, like pressure, temperature by multiple sensors. SDZ supply engine automotive temp sensor and automotive position sensor for this automotive electronic control systems.

Different Types Of Automotive Electronic Control Unit

Automotive Position Sensor

Automotive position sensors are used to determine the movement of steering wheel, pedal, Knobs, and actuators.

Automotive Temp Sensor

Engine operating temperature is recognized by coolant temperature sensor. Coolant sensors detect temperature changes and send signal to ECU to determine whether the engine is at normal operating temperature.

The Function Of Automotive Sensor

The sensor unit is responsible for signal acquisition to output physically meaningful measurement information for auto engine components. The device communicates with other devices through the interface unit. They are bridges between the physical and digital worlds.

The Function Of Automotive Sensor

FAQ of Auto Electronic Control Unit

FAQ 01 What is the function of ECU?

It is electronic device that controls the operation of various parts of an internal combustion engine.

FAQ 02 How does a ECU work?

By collecting the voltage signal of the sensor, the automotive electronic control unit can determine the working condition of the engine in an instant and react accordingly.

FAQ 03 What signals can the ECU monitor?

The engine controller monitors the engine with sensors to determine fuel injection, ignition time and other parameters. These include MAP sensor, throttle valve position sensor, temperature sensor, oxygen sensor and many other sensors.

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