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On the top of the cylinder head, valve cover and engine manifold is important to the performance of engine. As a professional engine spare parts supplier, our reputation and won come from our infinite persistence of strict engineering strict design and material selection in rocker cover, intake and exhaust manifold.

Different Types Of Other Engine Parts

Intake Manifold

The intake manifold in a car is the part of the engine that distributes the air flow between the cylinders. Our intake manifold system ensures an even supply of the combustion mixture to each cylinder head.

Engine Valve Cover

The valve cover, located on top of the cylinder head, is an important component of the engine. We give the same amount of attention to the performance of valve cover gasket. Our plastic or aluminum valve wins zero leakage and long service life.

SDZ Manufacturing Capabilities of Other Engine Parts

As one of the leading car engine parts suppliers, our engine parts manufacturing capabilities can achieve molded plastics, stamped metals or alloy casting for valve cover and intake manifold with different material.

SDZ Manufacturing Capabilities of Other Engine Parts

FAQ of Other Engine Parts

FAQ 01 What does the intake manifold cover do?

The car intake manifold is part of the engine that supplies the fuel-air mixture to the cylinders.

FAQ 02 What is the function of rocker cover?

A valve rocker cover is a cover that is bolted over the rocker's arms in an internal combustion engine. It prevents oil leakage and prevents air or dirt from entering.

FAQ 03 What are valve covers made of?

The valve cover can be made of molded plastic, stamped metal or alloy die casting.

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