Automotive Thermal Management

Zero-emission vehicles may not be a novel concept for long.SDZ is navigating into trend of energy-transition era and expects a cleaner ecosystem in the future. We are using knowledge and experience over many years across the automotive industry to advance this target in the future that will see in Vehicle Thermal Management Solutions. We're preparing for an automotive electric coolant pump future.

Different Types of EV Thermal Management

Electric Water Pump & Intercooler

SDZ produces and distributes water pumps for passenger cars complying with OEM specifications. To ensure optimum performance under intense driving condition, we rigorously function and leakage test our water pumps and components. Our pump replacement can effectively restore the cooling and heating system to normal operation and performance.
Thermal Management In Automobiles

Thermal Management In Automobiles

Thermal Management In Automobiles

The traditional vehicle thermal management system can be divided into air conditioning system, engine cooling, transmission cooling, intake and exhaust cooling system, in which engine cooling, transmission cooling, intake and exhaust cooling belong to thermal management of powertrains and auto engine components.

Our Version in Electric Vehicles Thermal Management

The role of automotive thermal management systems is receiving increasing attention. As one of the leading car engine parts suppliers, we are actively developing and broadening our product lines. It is expected to benefit from the development opportunities of new energy vehicles, we will provide more products of energy saving and emission reduction.

Our Version in Electric Vehicles Thermal Management

FAQ of Automotive Thermal Management

FAQ 01 What are included in the EV thermal management system of a conventional car?

Automotive air-conditioning systems like car air conditioning tube, compressor ,condenser and expansion valve, etc.Other thermal management systems mainly refer to cooling of engine and transmission systems.

FAQ 02 What is the thermal management of new energy vehicles?

In addition to the traditional refrigeration system, they also need to increase the heating parts such as PTC or heat pumps for heating in winter. Other thermal management systems mainly include battery, motor electronic control and high-power electrical devices.

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