Car Engine Coolant Thermostat

Automotive electronic thermostat maintains the temperature of the engine near its optimum operating temperature by regulating the flow of coolant to an air cooled radiator. The performance of automotive electric thermostat is crucial to engine lifespan. Engine coolant thermostat technology is constantly accelerating. SDZ accumulated a wealth of experience and intuitive technology with so much research and development car cooling system thermostat from wax thermostat, Map-Controlled Thermostat to Motor Ball Valve Thermostat and coolant temperature sensor housing. For more automotive cooling system components at wholesale price.

SDZ Car Engine Thermostat

Thermostat Function in a Car

With increasing demands on vehicle dynamics, the efficiency of engine cooling systems is critical. As a key component of the automobile engine cooling system, the automotive electronic thermostat is mainly used to control the flow path and flow of engine coolant, which directly affects the efficiency of the cooling system.

Car Engine Thermostat FAQs

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How to replace thermostat in car?

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How Does A Car Thermostat Work in Engine Cooling System?

When the automotive electronic thermostat needs to be replaced, you need to turn on the engine's cooling system on the one hand, which causes some engine coolant to escape, on the other hand, some air into the system. In order to eliminate these pockets, the cooling system should be thoroughly and carefully vented after the automotive electronic thermostat is replaced.

The traditional thermostat assembly is mainly composed of the shell and the thermostat inside the shell, usually the cooling water circulation of the engine includes large circulation and small circulation, large circulation and small circulation share a water outlet, through the electronic automotive thermostat opening and closing large circulation water inlet for large circulation start and stop control.

SDZ Car Cooling System Thermostat Quality

SDZ Car Cooling System Thermostat Quality

- Opening/Full Temperature

- High /Low-temperature Test

- Durability

- Hysteresis

- Sealing test

- Valve Leakage Test

- Burst test

- Tensile Test

- Drop Test

- Aging Test

- Salt Spray Test

- Flow Characteristics

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