Electric Water Pump & Intercooler

Auto Electric Water Pump

The importance of thermal management is increasing auto electric water pump in SDZ

In the wave of intelligent vehicle electric, new energy auto electric water pump develop rapidly, and the problems of new energy vehicles such as automotive electric water pump endurance and safety are particularly prominent, so the automotive electric water pump of vehicles is becoming more and more important in automotive thermal management.

SDZ Auto Eelectric Water Pump Development Planning in Thermal Management

  • Automotive Electric Coolant Pump

Automotive electric water pump consume 90% less energy than mechanically operated pumps. Automotive electric coolant pump have several advantages over mechanical pumps, such as lower emissions, better engine temperature management, elimination of engine hosiery and extended engine life

Electric Water Pump

  • Electric Water Pump for Car Engine for Intercooler

Intercoolers help improve fuel efficiency by providing dense air to engines, which Improves car engine electrical parts efficiency and reduces vehicle impact on the environment. This is where we are developing and expanding.

Intercooler Diagram

Application of Water Pump

Application of Water Pump

Application of Water Pump
  • Thermal management of powertrains of Conventional Inter Combustion Engine

The engine drives the mechanical water pump to provide circulation power, and the thermostat controls the circulation switch.

  • Thermal management of new energy vehicles

Electric Water Pump is our target auto engine components lines in the future.

For electric vehicles and selected hybrid applications, electric pumps are solution to ensure correct temperature management of inverters and battery packs.

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