Engine Valve Cover

Engine Valve Cover

A cylinder head cover, especially one used to cover an internal combustion engine, has multiple functional elements such as an oil filling connection and at least one oil separation unit mounted on it. Our valve cover can be made of plastic or aluminium alloy.

Signs of Valve Cover Failure

  • Oil Leakage

There is evidence of one or more leaks in the valve cover, usually from the gasket sealing the valve cover to the edge of the rest of the engine and this can be a small leak that drips down to the rest of the engine and vehicle engine components and eventually lands on the ground below the car.

  • Engine Misfiring

If your bonnet leaks, some oil may get into the opening where the spark plug is located and the oil will prevent them from working properly, leading to a fire and erratic engine operation.

  • Low Oil Levels

If you find that your oil level readings are consistently below full scale, even after you've filled up with oil, it's possible that the bonnet is broken and it's leaking all the time.

Engine Camshaft Cover FAQs

1. Why should replace a bad auto valve cover?

Valve cover damage will lead to oil leakage, resulting in insufficient valve cover lubrication, long time wear parts will damage the engine. Consult professional auto engine parts manufacturers for more information!

Our Engine Valve Cover Features

Our Engine Valve Cover Features

Our Engine Valve Cover Features
  • Easier Installation 

  • More Comfortable Noise, Vibration and Harshness

  • Low Fuel Consumption 

  • Recyclable Thermoplastic

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