Our Manufacturing Capacity in Engine Parts

At SDZ, We work in manufacturing techniques like plastic injection, aluminum die casting and tube bending combined with product and process development. With know-how and diverse experience, what we are doing is not only hand product out, also pass on value chain. Choose auto engine components from SDZ.

SDZ's Capacilities in Engine Parts Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

Our manufacturing group has deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the injection production. Equipped with multi-tonnage, we strives to work smarter and faster production. We also provide secondary processing, like ultrasonic welding, vibration friction welding on the field of injection molding products.
What We Do In Die Casting Field For Engine Parts

Aluminum Die Casting

SDZ has specialized in aluminum die casting industry and CNC machining for more than 10 years. With multiple aluminum and magnesium alloys and clamp forces from 350-2500t, we are able to provide different structure and size aluminum products.
SDZ Tube Bending Manufacturing Line For Engine Parts

Tube Bending

Automotive engine requires durable and precise hose to connect key systems for comfortable driving performance. With rich experience and technology, from blanking, chamfering, upsetting, bending, welding, clamping and testing, SDZ is committed to working on tubes that can accurately match for each system, exhaust emission control, cooling system, brake lines, fuel supply system and etc.
Engineering Project Management For Engine Parts

Engineering Project Management

Our project management team deal with clear and comprehensive developing schedule, from design feasibility, process failure mode & effect analysis, and tool inspection to PPAP document and post production project review.
Strict Quality Control Of Engine Parts

Strict Quality Control

We are firm believers in total quality management. Our product development and manufacturing under the IATF 16949 quality systems.

Our Role In Manufacturing Industry

SDZ is delivering business impact and product solutions. As the introduction of autonomous robots and big data analytics, we are getting leaner, agiler rand more efficient. We hope to build up multiple enterprise and promote sustainability of automotive industry.

Our Role in Lean Manufacturing
Our Role In Manufacturing Industry Of Engine Parts