Common Faults of Automotive Water Pump and Handling

Ⅰ. Common faults of car water pump

The common faults of auto water pump in use are belt wheel and pump shaft with loose, water seal damage and leakage, pump casing or impeller rupture, supporting power motor overheating, bearing heating, etc.

Check the technical condition of the vehicle electric water pump: start the engine, check whether there is leakage from the water pump overflow hole, if there is leakage, it indicates that the water seal has been damaged; listen to any abnormal sound. After stopping the engine, wrench the fan blade by hand to see if the pulley is loose with the pump shaft, a little gap feeling is normal; if it is obviously loose, it indicates that the pulley is loose with the pump shaft or the pulley is loose with the conical sleeve. If check the pump without leakage, card, noise and swaying phenomenon, it can be decomposed without it, only fill the lubricant. If there is the above abnormal phenomenon, it should be decomposed to check and repair.

Water pump working condition check: open the radiator water filler cover, so that the engine slowly accelerates; view the cooling water circulation in the water filler; if constantly accelerated, the impeller does not slip, the water pump is not working properly, and vice versa, the automotive water pump problems, when it is not easy to observe the cooling water circulation from the water filler, another method is available: let the engine in the water temperature is high when the engine is off, and quickly remove the car valve cover cylinder head to the radiator on the water chamber. The hose of the joint, you can use the cloth ball will be on the water chamber joint plug, from the water filling port to the radiator filled with cooling water, and then start the engine, such as the cylinder water jacket and radiator water, pumped out by the water pump outside the hose mouth about 200ml impeller does not slip, that the pump is working properly; vice versa is abnormal.

Ⅱ. The handling of the car water pump failure

1. The pump is stuck, the processing method is to check the pump with hand disc coupling to check whether there is a foreign body collision noise or friction sound, and give to eliminate.

2. The pump does not discharge liquid, not enough filling pump (or the pump gas is not exhausted), the treatment is to re-fill the pump.

3. The car pump turning is not right, the treatment is to check the direction of rotation.

4. The pump speed is too low, the treatment is to check the speed, increase the speed.

5. The filter is clogged, the bottom valve does not work, the treatment is to check the filter, eliminate debris.

6. The suction height is too high, or the vacuum in the suction tank, the treatment method is to reduce the suction height, check the pressure of the suction tank.

7. Car water pump discharge interruption, inhalation pipeline air leakage. The treatment method is to check the inhalation side pipeline connection and stuffing box sealing situation.

8. The gas on the inhalation side is not exhausted when filling the pump, and the treatment method is to ask to fill the pump again.

9. The inhalation side is suddenly blocked by foreign objects, the treatment is to stop the pump to deal with foreign objects.

10. Inhaling a large amount of gas, the treatment method is to check whether there is a whirlpool at the inlet and whether the submergence depth is too shallow.