Installation Precautions and Causes of Water Leakage of Automotive Water Pump

Ⅰ. Causes of car water pump leakage

1. When installing the car water pump, the water seal seat assembly is not installed in place, causing the water pump to continue to leak. When the water seal leaks, the cooling water will be thrown out from the inspection hole of the pump and drip out when the pump shaft meets the water blocking ring, which can prevent the cooling water from flowing into the bearing to destroy the lubrication. In addition, when replacing the water retaining ring, do not pay attention to clear the pump body and pump cover can not be well combined and sealed, will also cause the leakage of the water pump in vehicle.

2, the machine is old, the water seal inside the machine wear, rust and aging failure, is also the cause of automotive water pump leakage. When the construction machinery is parked for a long time, because there is no cooling water in the engine, resulting in the deformation of the rubber wood gasket due to dry knot, shrinkage; after adding water, although the rubber wood gasket will expand but can not fully restore the original shape, is bound to cause a small amount of water leakage. In addition, for the newly installed water pump, the rubber wood gasket and cast iron bushings have not been completely broken in, will also lead to a small amount of water leaks.

3. Construction machinery working environment is harsh, easy to cause uneven wear of the gum wood gasket and bushing end face; spring long-term immersion in water, easy to rust and corrosion, elasticity decline, can also cause leaks.

4. Forgetting to release water or not releasing water in winter, and the temperature is too high when releasing water, water vapor condenses and freezes in the cooling system, which may cause the pump body to be frozen and cracked, resulting in water leakage.

Ⅱ. Installation precautions of car water pump

1. It should be clear that the real cause of car water pump damage, before replacing the water pump, should check the radiator fan, fan clutch, pulley, belt, engine radiator hose, thermostat and other related parts.

2. Confirm the model. There will be a variety of water pumps with similar shapes in the same model, but they will be different according to their year of production. Please confirm the part model and year of production, and compare with the old water pump.

3. Before replacing the car water pump, please clean the coolant in the radiator and engine, and make sure to remove rust spots and residues. Impurities or fine particles in the cooling system can lead to seal wear and form leaks.

4. Clean and level the installation surface when installing the car water pump. First wet the water pump sealant ring with coolant. If you need to use sealant, you should be careful not to apply too much, too much sealant may form flocculent into the coolant, thus causing leakage.

5. Do not use the method of forcibly installing the car water pump by knocking the pump shaft. If it is difficult to install the water pump due to too much scale in the cylinder waterway, you should choose wire brush or fine sandpaper to clean the installation position according to the scale condition. When tightening the bolt of the pump, it should be tightened gradually in the diagonal direction according to the specified torque, over tightening is easy to break the bolt or cause damage to the gasket.