Replacement Cycle of Engine Water Pump

Centrifugal water pumps are widely used in automobile engine water pumps. Its basic structure consists of water pump housing, connecting disc or pulley, water pump shaft and bearing or shaft-connected bearing, water pump impeller and water seal device and other parts, which are the main components of the electric vehicle thermal management.

The Working Principle of Engine Water Pump

The engine drives the automotive electric water pump bearing and the impeller to rotate through the pulley, and the coolant in the water pump is driven by the impeller to rotate together and is thrown to the edge of the water pump shell under the action of centrifugal force, generating a certain pressure at the same time, and then flows out from the water outlet or water pipe. At the centre of the impeller, the coolant is thrown out and the pressure is reduced. The coolant in the water tank is sucked into the impeller through the water pipe under the action of the pressure difference between the inlet of the pump and the centre of the impeller to realize the reciprocating circulation of the coolant.

The Replacement Cycle Of Engine Water Pump

Under normal circumstances, the water pump can be used for 8 to 10 years. The water pump is used to transport the coolant, and the engine used in the car is a water-cooled engine, which relies on the continuous circulation of the coolant to dissipate heat. The coolant has two circulation paths in the engine, one is a large circulation and the other is a small circulation.

It is best to replace the engine water pump after driving for 60,000 kilometres. When changing the water pump, you can also change the antifreeze fluid. If the water pump changes quickly, you only need to add some antifreeze fluid, but if the antifreeze fluid used is different from the 4S store, it cannot be replenished in the 4S store. Anything will break, but the water pump is a durable product when it is designed. Generally, it does not need to be replaced regularly, but it is still necessary to check it regularly. After all, if the circulation capacity of the water pump is insufficient, it will affect the direct use of the car.