The Importance and Function of Automotive Engine Cooling System to the Car

Many friends basically know that our gasoline is the blood engine of our car and the heart of the car. Then everyone can understand the engine cooling system, and it is necessary to understand the engine cooling system. What is a auto engine cooling system? What does the auto engine cooling system do?

1. The role of the auto engine cooling system

The function of the automotive engine cooling system is to transfer part of the heat of the heated parts to keep the parts at normal operating temperature. There are two cooling methods for diesel engines: water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling is to cool the cylinder with water, and air cooling is to cool the cylinder with wind. One of the water-cooled units is a closed self-circulating water-cooled unit, which is composed of a water-cooled cavity of the radiator water pump diesel engine body, and then returns to the radiator water tank to be cooled by the fan on the unit, and the other is an open-type circulation cooling unit. In high-rise buildings, in most cases, the whole unit should be cooled by closed water circulation, which occupies a small area.

The cooling of the engine must be moderate. If the cooling is excessive, the heat transfer loss will increase and the rationality of the engine fuel will also be poor. In addition, it will also lead to the following adverse consequences: fuel evaporation and poor atomization, combustion deterioration; oil viscosity increases at low temperatures, increasing friction loss; too low temperature will also aggravate cylinder corrosion and wear. These problems will basically affect the effective power output of the engine, reduce the rationality, and shorten the service life. In modern engines, the heat removed by the car's engine cooling system is about one-quarter to one-third of the heat actually released by the engine's fuel.

2. The importance of the auto engine cooling system to the car

The auto engine cooling system is very important to the car, the engine is like the human heart. If the guarantee is poor, it will be threatened. With the development of science and technology, the cooling system is no longer just a simple water cooling cycle as before. Smart regulation of cooling systems developed by auto engine parts factory is currently very popular, so that simple cooling systems will not dominate future vehicle developments. While smart tuning is demanding, it's very useful in a luxury car. It represents the development direction of the future automotive engine cooling system and intelligent cooling system. Intelligent adjustment will improve the service life of the engine, ensure the safe driving of the car, improve personal safety and other reasons, and the development of intelligent adjustment cooling system will dominate in the future.