The Role of Car Engine Water Pump

There are very many types of car water pumps, and electric water pumps are just one of them. In the continuous development of society, people's quality of life is also rapidly improving, of course, these are inseparable from the continuous efforts and research and development of the relevant personnel, so that technology continues to develop. In the era of new energy prevalence, car engine water pump is mainly used in new energy vehicles.

1. About car engine water pump

Many new energy vehicles, caravans and other special vehicles are often used in miniature car water pump as water circulation, cooling or water supply system on board, this miniature self-priming water pump is collectively known as automotive water pump. The water pump in vehicle is mainly used in the main cooling system of internal combustion engine, turbocharger cooling circuit and air intake intercooling system, also used in the drive system of new energy vehicles and power battery thermal management system. Automotive engine water pump is generally electronic water pump (also known as "auto electric water pump"), automotive engine water pump is mainly used in the drive motor, electric components, power batteries and other circulating cooling role.

2. What is the role of the car engine water pump?

The application areas of car engine water pumps are most of the fuel cars, using the mechanical water pump, some fuel car engine technology content is higher, using the electronic water pump. At present, most of the mechanical water pumps still use the traditional centrifugal water pump, driven by the engine crankshaft through the drive belt impeller rotation, coolant is thrown to the pump housing under the action of centrifugal force, in the center of the impeller and the water inlet of the pump to form a pressure difference, so that the cooling water in the radiator into the center of the impeller. The car engine water pump is driven by an electric motor, generally using a DC brushless motor, and the water pump shaft is designed to be integrated with the motor shaft, and the motor speed is controlled by an embedded temperature control module, thus regulating the coolant circulation speed.

The characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction, high efficiency and environmental protection, and intelligent cooling of car engine water pump determine that it is the trend to replace mechanical water pump. "Precision cooling" is the use of the minimum coolant flow to achieve the best temperature distribution. The key to the design of precise cooling system is to choose the matching car cooling system parts to ensure that the cooling capacity of the system can meet the needs of the key areas of the engine working temperature at low speed and high load. Engines with automotive engine water pump cooling systems can reduce coolant flow by up to 40% over the entire operating speed range. With the same configuration and cooling requirements, the energy consumption of an electric DC brushless water pump is only 16% of that of a mechanical water pump.